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Today’s real estate market has completely flipped from a cold buyers’ market to a red hot sellers’ market.  With the low amount of housing inventory on the market and rising prices it can be a challenge to find the right house and if you do it’s a challenge to get your offer submitted in time.  Often when you do find the right property it already has numerous offers on it or is already under contract because another buyer beat you to it.  That is why it is so important to see properties immediately when it is first listed and immediately when there is a list price reduction. 

What if I told you I could do one better?  I’m sure you have read enough sales copy to know the answer and you are correct, I can.  It’s not a gimmick it’s that I have a list of all the properties I manage for my clients in Palm Beach, and Broward counties (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, Chase, and others) before they are for sale. 

When a bank gives a property to me to list that property goes through many status changes, it starts as a new assignment, we have to identify if it is vacant or occupied, if vacant after a lot of other potential statuses like hold/legal, eviction, relocation and after a lot of other work on the property it eventually changes to pre-list.  These status changes are all internal names for us to get the property sales ready.  “Pre-list” is our name for the last property status before listed, contract, and closed.  I will give you our list no strings attached because it helps my clients sell their homes faster and when I help my clients it helps me.


If you are ready to start the buying process and have questions a GSIG neighborhood specialist is here for you to help identify specifically what you are looking for and attempt to match it with anything we may have for sale.  They will help you learn all you can about our prelisted inventory or any property that fits your criteria, even if it’s with another office, listed or unlisted and together we can help you navigate this red hot sellers’ market.  Fill out the form on the top right of this page to receive our most up to date list of soon to be listed properties before they hit the market.

Example of the REO Pre-List You Will Receive
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