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A suburban city of Miami, Sweetwater is not to be overlooked. This lovely community, like most of Miami Dade County, has a major Latin-American influence. In fact, Sweetwater has the largest Nicaraguan population of any community in the United States. For this reason, many locals refer to Sweetwater as “Little Managua.” Just like the capital city of Nicaragua, Sweetwater has an exuberant culture that is always looking to have a good time enjoying the company of one another.

Because it is a suburban city of Miami, buyers in Sweetwater will be able to escape the premium prices that the Magic City demands for its real estate. With an average cost of $300,000 for a terrific residence, Sweetwater ensures that most can afford to get a taste of its excellent setting. Get a place here for less, and take the 30 minute drive to Miami whenever you want to experience the joys of its beachfront pleasures!

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