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Miami Shores

Miami Shores is regarded as one of the hottest residential destinations in the region. The village is comprised of close to 4,000 single family properties, with a number of affordable apartments and condos throughout. When you get the keys to one of the homes in Miami Shores, you will enjoy a wonderfully constructed abode, as well as an amazing location next to the coast!

The community hosts a section of historic homes, with several being located on NE 96th street. These vintage beauties are two story homes that showcase gorgeous designs inspired by Italian and Spanish real estate. With these classic features highlighting the exteriors, buyers can bet that they are the cream of the crop in Miami Shores.

Not everyone is in the market to purchase a single family home. For this group of buyers Miami Shores provides excellent apartments; some of which boast a vintage appeal. The best units can be found on NE 96th and NE 4th Avenue. Those that are fortunate enough to secure an apartment here will never want to relocate!

When it comes to purchasing a home in Miami Shores, properties that are closer to Biscayne Bay cost the most. While this area hosts the majority of Miami Shores’ luxury housing, there are other showstoppers throughout the village. The best part of buying in Miami Shores is the variety. From mid-century single story residences to modern treasures, there is a home for every taste

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