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Natural beauty is just one of the many perks that the community of Parkside has to offer. Nearly every undeveloped inch of this Boca Raton subdivision plays host to lush greenery or mature trees. While the aesthetics are pleasing, this feature is just one of the multiple reasons to relocate to Parkside. Another reason would be the excellent location. Situated next to 18th Street and Camino Real Road, residents of this delightful neighborhood will have instant access to some of the city’s premier spots!

Parkside is a master planned community that was constructed in three separate stages. Built between the years of 1984 to 1995, the homes of Parkside showcase a modern style, complete with up-to-date amenities. Among buyers, these properties have received praise due to their quality finishes, spacious floor plans, and custom construction. Furthermore, the lots are absolutely huge, with most being in the .25 to .5 acre range!

Real estate in Parkside provides a fabulous collection of over 200 single family homes. These properties vary in size, with the smallest home offering over 2,500 square feet and the largest being a whopping 5,000 square feet! Just because you have all the interior space you could ask for, it doesn’t mean you will want to be indoors. After all, you’re in Boca Raton! Taking advantage of the superb climate, Parkside’s home builders constructed private pools, tanning areas, and other outdoor features on a lot of the properties.


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