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Boca Springs

Boca Springs is ideally situated close to Boca Raton’s top schools, shopping, and dining. This adds a sense of convenience to life in this community. Additionally, residents here will love the easy access to the coast, the main reason why buyers come to Florida. However, Boca Springs isn’t just about what you can do away from home. On the contrary, the community hosts some private perks that only you and your neighbors get to enjoy.

The community of Boca Springs is one of the most welcoming and friendly environments in Boca Raton. This endearing neighborhood has got everything a buyer could want, including excellent housing options. Those that are planning on purchasing a home in Boca Springs can expect to pay an average of $300,000 for a good property. The majority of these homes either offer a private pool, or are nestled by the water. Moreover, they all come complete with beautiful interiors showcasing the Southern Florida flare!


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